Ansible Task 1 (configuring Docker)

  • set up one manager node and one managed node
  • install ansible in managed node by pip3 install ansible
  • configure the ip managed node in a txt file and add that file to ansible config file at /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg
  • check if all the managed nodes are pingable by
    ansible all -m ping
  • In this file we write all our ip addresses of managed nodes.
    ansible_user: The user name to use when connecting to the host.
    ansible_ssh_pass: managed node password for ssh connection.
  • file: myhosts.txt
    location: /etc/myhosts.txt
  • inventory: where all are host ips are stored
    host_key_checking: it auto saves the ssh key for first time connection.
  • File: ansible.cfg
    Location: /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg
  • Step 1: we define on which set of hosts we want to run the ansible playbook.
  • we have set a variable docker for docker full name with version which we will install on our manged node
  • Step 2 : adding a yum repo of docker-ce and installing docker
    Note: we have to write full name of docker with version for community edition.
  • Installing docker and printing std output
  • Step 3: installing python so that we can use pip3 module from python.
    Installing python module of docker from pip3. it is necessary for proper functioning of docker.
  • Starting the docker service permanently
  • Stoping and disabling the firewalld of rhel
  • copying our webapp code from managed node to managed node.
  • Step 4 : pulling a docker image from docker hub
  • launching a docker container named “httpd_webserver”
  • mounting /var/www/html/ from host to container
  • exposing port 81 for outside connectivity
  • port forwarding port 81 -> 80
  • finally printing full details of container just like (docker inspect httpd_webserver)




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