Use Phone Storage as Network drive on Windows via FTP

6 min readAug 17, 2020

In the present times, our data needs have exponentially raised up. So, we need a better connectivity between all our devices. One way to do that is using FTP to transfer files at light speed in our own small private network. Also the Indian Govt. has banned all hostile sharing apps. So lets begin the journey of using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to boost our productivity.

First time Configuration may take extra time but it will save lots of time in near Future.


  • Downloading and configuring FTP server on Host phone(FTP server).
  • Configuring Network drive on windows (FTP client).
  • Using another phone as FTP client.

In all the methods we can share files and folders bidirectionally, means we can transfer files and folders from host/server to client and vice-versa(Like a Wireless Pendrive)

Downloading FTP server on Host phone

In play store Search FTP server by banana studio and download it.

Now, open ftp server app go to users section.

  • Switch on anonymous user. It is the default user, Here we can login without username and password.
  • Now click on pencil icon on top-right corner to edit the user.
  • In access path, Click on Add new path.
  • From left options tab Select the memory card or internal storage.
  • Then, Select a the folder we want to share and click select at bottom of screen.
  • To add more than one folder to shared folders list, click on add new path and select new folder keep repeating the process to add more folders.
Android folder added to shared folders
  • Now, click on writable option and save the settings.
  • Go to Home page and start the server.
  • There are Two IP addressess.
  • First IP address is public IP address used for sharing files via internet to anyone on internet. Like we can share a document or a music folder with our friends by just one link. It is recommended that all the folders shared to public IP should be password protected.
  • Second IP address is our private IP address, which we will use for connectivity between our personal devices at light speed. Here we generally share all folders in internal storage.


Generally, We do not use public IP address as often and there is no option to disable ftp sharing on public IP address, So it is recommended to set username and password while creating a user.

If we want to add more users for different applications (like sharing movies to a nearby friend then we can create a new user add movies folder to shared path and share him the private ftp link) than click add user icon at bottom-right corner. We have to set username, password and select a folder we want to share. Here, username and password are compulsory.

Configuring Network drive on Windows (FTP client)

We have to configure network drive only once that the settings are saved.

Make sure your Host phone has internet connectivity and WiFi network should be private. Internet Connectivity is only required while configuring the ftp server. Otherwise windows shows the error that you are not connected to internet, First connect to internet then map a network drive.

  • In ThisPC, Right click on Network then click on Map Network drive.
  • Click on blue line written “Connect to a Web site…”
  • If not connected to internet windows will show error. As to add Network Drive It is compulsory to be connected to internet.
  • Type the FTP private IP address as it is from FTP server app on phone. 21 is port no. for ftp protocol but as our phone is not rooted. So, we use 2121 as port number.
  • As we have not set any username and password on FTP server app while creating a user. So, we will login anonymously, Then click Next.
  • Write the name of the Network Drive(Folder name) like I have named it “Hitesh phone”. Then click Next.
  • Then click Finish.
  • A new Network drive is added on our computer containing all the contents of the folder we have shared from FTP server app via our phone.

Now, we can easily send files from phone to PC like a wireless pen drive.

Some Precautions and Notes

Write the IP address correctly.

IP address change when we change the host device. Then the network folder will be inaccessible.

Double click will download the file, Not open it.

Copy Paste is same as we always do in windows.

We cannot stream videos from Network drive. To watch a video, First we have to copy paste it on windows, Then only we can watch it.

Phone and PC should be connected to same network. Use the WiFi hotspot of phone at 5 Ghz for speeds upto 256Mbps(32 MBps).

When WiFi hotspot is set 2.4 Ghz then max speed is 54 Mbps(6.75 MBps).
Small b means “bits” , Big B means “Bytes”. As one Byte contains 8 bits.

If network is disconnected in between transfer of files. Then we have to send all files again.

  • Speed when wifi adapter is at 2.4Ghz (60Mbps ~ 7.5 MBps)
  • Speed when WiFi adapter is at 5 GHz (232 Mbps ~ 29 MBps)

Using another phone as FTP client

Here we will transfer files/folder from one Phone to another Phone via FTP.
Configuration is one time thing then the data transfer becomes super simple.

Download “FtpCafe FTP client” App from Play Store

  • Open App in another phone, Click on new.
  • Here, Profile means: name of the device
    In Host we write our IP address only, without “ftp://” and “port no.”
  • As we have not given any username and password in “Ftp server” So, we will leave those fields empty.
    If you have any Username and password for security than write them.
  • Now, click on More properties and write the port no as “2121”. Then save the details and Click on Connect.
  • It will look like this.
    Local: Our internal storage of client phone.
    Remote: Data from Server/Host phone
  • Select a file/Folder and click on Upload and Download to send and receive files wirelessly.

Thank You, I hope you liked reading this.
First time Configuration may take extra time but it will save lots of time in Future.